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Heading 5

   Shorter Plays

Written for / Performed by THE GERIACTORS

A Mugging
A Walk in the Park
All There Is
Before the Looking Glass **
Cell Phone
Dinner Out
Into the Light
I T  Assistance
Please Remove Your Shoes
Short Light
Speed Dating for Seniors
The Godmother
The Next Phase
The Waiting Room
From The 24-Hour Plays
Assassins in the Church Basement
A Caring Father
**Also performed at the 2018 Tarpon Arts One-Act Play Festival



Coming to the 2019 Rochester Key Bank Fringe Festival:


A tale of magic, love and the undead.

Thursday Sept. 12, 9:00 pm

Saturday Sept. 14, 5:00 pm

School of the Arts (SOTA)

45 Prince St.

Tickets available at:  https://rochesterfringe.com/

Colma, California is a city of cemeteries: a necropolis filled with little else than graves and their, ah – inhabitants.  To increase tourism, the mayor hires consultants who decide to use the city’s own ghoulish reputation as its main selling point.  All hell then breaks loose in the form of zombies, ghosts and a witch with some snow tires for sale.  A tale of magic, love, and the undead.


Previously-Produced Full-Length Plays

   The Bridge Club of                         Death                   
          The Hatchet Man           


Full-Lengths Awaiting Production
Colma!  (Scheduled for the 2019 Rochester Key Bank Fringe Festival!)                                 Dad's Aquarium                                                 
Inferior Gods                                                      
Interviews on Modern Love                              
Rest Room Eulogy                                             
The Last Hotel Job                                            
Wonderful Leaps:  Sam Patch in Rochester