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The Bridge Club of Death   2015  

Four friends in an assisted living facility band together to offer their fellow residents their own form of death with dignity.  It's dangerous, as they are under the watchful eye of the facility administrator and what they are doing is clearly not legal, but they believe in what they are doing.  That's until one of their own becomes incapacitated, and they are forced to re-evaluate their positions and make their own decisions.  A play about love, friendship, and the moral argument of death with dignity.  And cards.  


Previously-Produced Full-Length Plays


In The Territories

          The Hatchet Man           
   The Bridge Club of                         Death                   
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Damaged Beasts

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Full-Lengths Awaiting Production
Dad's Aquarium                                                    Fairie                                              Jerome                                                                   Inferior Gods                 
Rest Room Eulogy                                                Interviews on Modern Lov         Scratch                                                                   The Last Hotel Job                      Wonderful Leaps:  Sam Patch in Rochester                              
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