Damaged Beasts   2017

Finn is searching for his father, and all he knows is he overseess a small zoo.  Enter Mr. Willoughby, who runs a failing zoo filled with deformed animals, like Roger the Naked Lion (a sufferer of alopecia) and Carl the Humpless Camel.  A play with love, animal intrigue, and an identity twist at the end.  And also, discussions about the combustible properties of primates.


Previously-Produced Full-Length Plays


In The Territories

          The Hatchet Man           
   The Bridge Club of                         Death                   

Damaged Beasts

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Full-Lengths Awaiting Production
Dad's Aquarium                                                    Fairie                                              Jerome                                                                   Inferior Gods                 
Rest Room Eulogy                                                Interviews on Modern Lov         Scratch                                                                   The Last Hotel Job                      Wonderful Leaps:  Sam Patch in Rochester                              
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